OAKS Advantage

OAKS has something unique to offer. Modeling a daily walk with Jesus is our never ending work.
To create faithful disciples we strive to offer a family atmosphere to the students while providing a rigorous academic program.
Our conservative community believes that children should be allowed to grow up in an unhurried, yet richly enhanced learning environment…and we want JESUS infused in everything they learn. If the world’s self-centered messages to our families and young people do not appeal to you…OAKS may just be the place for your family.

Spiritual Life

OAKS students all have teachers that have dedicated their lives to bring children closer to Jesus. They start and close each day with time to learn and reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us and they connect all lessons with aspects of God and His plan of salvation for us. Our discipline programs are redemptive and communication with the home is a high priority. Students have opportunities to serve in the community through donation drives and music programs. We have weekly chapels that offer opportunities for local pastors to come and speak. Students lead out in the singing and often offer the message as well. Students pray for each other and are prayed for by staff on a daily basis. OAKS Sabbath is a highlight every semester at the Ooltewah SDA Church.

Tuition and Application Process

OAKS has a tuition rate (download PDF) that is competitive with other Adventist schools in the Collegedale area. We offer multiple discounts. Families can also enroll in the Partner for Eternity Program to earn additional tuition assistance. Our application process is online and opens in late February every year.


OAKS was built in 1978 with a few classrooms and a gymnasium. In 2007 an extension was built on the front of the building and porches were added down the sides to update the entire building. OAKS now has six classrooms, a music room, a library, computer lab, kitchen, and a main office and workroom. We have state of the art security system with inside and outside cameras that are recorded and monitored.

Classroom Size & Curriculum

OAKS offers grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. (Our kindergarten students must turn 6 years old before Christmas.) Most classroom teachers teach two grades. This offers advancement and remediation opportunities for students and creates a family atmosphere in the school. The fuller classrooms have two certified teachers to create a low teacher student ratio of 1:13. Our teaching staff uses curriculum approved and provided by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. OAKS has enjoyed teaching Saxon math in grades K-6 and the Big Ideas math program grades 7-8 Our instruction in reading is centered about a balanced literacy program that includes reading, writing, grammar, and the Saxon phonics curriculum grades K-2. We are excited to be implementing soon the new social studies and bible curriculums provided through the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

Library and Computer Lab
All students visit our library weekly with opportunities to read and research from our collection of over two thousand texts. Our computer lab of 24 computers was updated in 2015. Grades 1-8 learn software program skills, typing, and research. OAKS has a very secure internet filter and a server that allows older students to save their work on site and to use the latest technologies available. All classrooms provide several student computers and teachers are provided with technologies to enhance media display for lessons and internet research.
OAKS is very proud of our music program. All students participate in classroom music theory classes and we have two groups of chimes players in grades 4 and 7-8. OAKS has TWO bands; a beginner band in grades 5-6, and an advanced band. Our bands perform up to 25 times a year in our community and local churches. Private music lessons during school are available for band instruments and local teachers offer piano, violin, and guitar lessons in the afternoon.
Hot Lunch
OAKS provides a hot-lunch program five days a week to support families in providing nutritious meals for their children. Any small profit is used to offset costs for elementary music program.
Physical Education
OAKS also believes that children need to move. All students are provided with a daily PE class with instruction in fitness and game play. Recess and free play are also provided on our playground and in our gymnasium with a goal of 300 minutes of physical activity a week. All classrooms also work to provide lessons with in classroom movement. Several times a year OAKS has been able to offer after school sports camps such as a 5 week basketball camp and 5 week soccer camp. These opportunities are provided by volunteer coaches that donate their time two or three afternoons a week.

Tour/More Information

Please contact us to arrange a tour or to speak directly with someone regarding enrollment or our teaching philosophies.