Technology Education

Learning to responsibly use the tools of the present and future.

Chromebook program

OAKS has a 1:1 Chromebook program for grades 1-8, enabling teachers to teach with technology within their classroom, giving all students the opportunity to learn with technology simultaneously. Students learn software program skills, coding, typing, web design, and research.

Google Suite for Education

OAKS has our own Google Workspace account that enables us to provide each student with a personalized, secure email account in grades 1-8. Using this account, students learn how to use various apps within Google Workspace including Docs, Sheets, Sites and Forms.

Online Safety

To ensure the online safety of our students, OAKS has a very secure internet filter with at least three levels of filtering protection. Using the Netop Vision software, teachers can monitor the Chromebook screens of all students simultaneously, block websites, or even blackout the screen of some or all students as needed.


Additionally, each classroom has a projector or large television, document camera, and other technologies that allow teachers to share media throughout their instruction.