Message from Jeremy & Brooke Wong

Have you ever wished you could get a 100% return on your investment? When you give to Adventist education, you can! 

Money given to Adventist education is not a donation, it’s an investment in eternity. Investments give students the opportunity to learn about Jesus in a warm Christian environment at Ooltewah Adventist School (OAKS) surrounded by staff that are committed to following and exemplifying the True Teacher during a child’s most tender years. 

Both Jeremy and I (Brooke) benefited from Adventist education and have committed to sending our children to receive the same blessing. We have benefited from the financial assistance of others and now have the opportunity to give back. 

We invite you to give generously, knowing that your gift will make a difference in the life of a child. There has never been a penny wasted on Adventist education!